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It's true, they are BORING, EVASIVE, JEALOUS, AND POSSESSIVE. Honestly, I will if I don't get what's needed at home. I notice that he doesn't like the attention I receive from men... I do love him so, but I really don't think I'm passive enough for him. As a sag I love my freedom but I also want to balance that with security and devotion something I think the Taurean can give EVENTUALLY! any relationship can work if you are open minded and put the effort in! We get along wonderfully most of the time, although occasionally I feel that he's not being honest enough, and I'll become paranoid, and ask direct questions so that he'll answer me more directly. And we both enjoy romantic things, although we rarely express romantic stuff to each other. He's really never said anything sappy to me, and I keep waiting for when he will. Over time, I was sick of staying in and doing things that were in his comfort zone. for the comment that a Taurus made about sum Sagittarius chick was wit 6 guys and cheating on them with like 4 others..With me being open and honest about what it is I want, I feel there should be no reason why a man should be clueless of what to do with me. You can not tell me what to do, and have so many negative things to say, and yet you can't express love or communicate in any way about it...where do they come from? Other than that, I can't say that we ever find each other too boring - he's open minded and willing to try new things, and he loves to travel. Trouble is, I've always kind of made fun of sappy stuff, so he probably has no idea I secretly wish he would be sappy with me! I was ready to go out and mingle, meet people, and explore the world. Little things started to bother me constantly and I found myself having a wandering eye for other men. s called basic respect, consideration, and decency. so that makes you believe that ALL sagittarius's females are sluts. The passion is hot and I must agree the communication is a bit complicated. s definitions of devotion, loyalty, fidelity, and commitment and get back to me. She's fearless in personality and although has her own fears will just do things just for the he'll of it! I am a Sagittarian woman who has fallen head over heels in love with a Taurus man. Well, as to our date we have been talking every day, our phone conversations last for hours and we discuss everything - were so alike in personalities I'm more outgoing than the typical Taurean trait - love to travel and explore new things.I am a sag girl and been seeing a Taurus guy for two years he still hasn't asked me to be his girl friend but we do everything that couples do. d be well advised to take a hard look at what YOU consider harmless flirting, and what your significant OTHER considers ? And if you find you constantly need to flirt with other men, then you don? To some of you "GROW UP AND STOP BEING PIG HEADED AND SELF CENTRED" and im talking to you Saggies, I am one aswell but through time and with age I have sat back and had deep and meaningful conversations with myself and discovered room for improvement which has worked (we always look to improve and be liked). To the ones who fell in love...I am correct your Saggitarian loves have been lost forever now but you have had an experience of a lifetime and the memory of it you should cherish and will always be warm in your heart. To the "bull in a China Shop", you have now thrown all your toys out, now put them back.......nothing like a bit of fire for a Saggie.... lol My story Im the female in this and had dated a Taurean on four occasions....We talk all the time he calls me on his breaks at work and suddenly he goes into a shell and ignores my calls. don't forget when we were made they broke the mould, don't put us to shame. My personal experience in life is that I have never reverted back to my past as we have a passion to move on to experience new things and learn from it. The first occasion we met up at a restaurant, everything was perfect (he talked a lot lol and I listened), it was fine, as we were leaving I slipped (almost doing the splits mind you!I know this sounds weird, but I know that despite or disposition (we have a long distance relationship), I have tunnel vision. Mentally and emotionally healthy and well-adjusted Taurus men are no more ? s by no means exclusive to any particular sign.) The most jealous, possessive, insanely insecure woman I have ever dated was an Aries. don't forget when we were made they broke the mould, don't put us to shame. My personal experience in life is that I have never reverted back to my past as we have a passion to move on to experience new things and learn from it. The first occasion we met up at a restaurant, everything was perfect (he talked a lot lol and I listened), it was fine, as we were leaving I slipped (almost doing the splits mind you!We bump heads all the time, but we always come back. ve been reading SO much smack talking on so many sites about how bad Taurus is (the men in particular) that I have to speak up. That two-year period of my life was the most strangling, choking, suffocating relationship I have EVER been in - and I? haha) and we laughed all the way to our cars and said a happy good bye. I have to say that that was the first time I have been "swept off my feet".

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I absolutely adore him and I am totally confused by him as well. Its seems to be me that the Taurean male either thinks too much and constantly changes his mind which can be rather frustrating to a Saggitarian female as he is indecisive whereas we are head strong and love life and anything new and refreshing... and cannot tolerate faffers, but there is something about you that has placed a marker in my mind..not sure whether to stay clear of you or whether there is another underlying problem.

they fight, they cry, but still their love is as innocent as it was on the first day of their commitment. I have been in an ever increasing battle with a Taurus and let me tell you it has been hot and heated. He is always staring at me and where ever I am there he also is for the past year now. And would ignore me for hours on end when we would get in arguments... I liked to talk about our problems honestly, admitting my flaws and wrongs done, he would run away and NEVER admit he was wrong. He's very to himself and doesn't express his feelings and I tell him everything so it can be one sided at times. I love my Cookie So, I just read the Taurus traits. Well I am a Sagittarius woman, December 9th, and he is a Taurus, may 13. And personalities aside really am not that stubborn lol I'd call it more determined then stubborn!

Three years after the first day of school, they both are committed.... we are working on compromise and I know we will make it the best relationship. He got mad when I was too outspoken about our relationship. I am care free with money and he would always tell me I need to stop spending my hard earned money stupidly. Be wary of when they are alone and their mind starts to think, that's when you'll end up fighting! Again, you better think - and re-think - whether you? I'm adventurous in bed but can show my tender and loving side too.

My Sagittarius girl likes to avoid relationship talk which can lead to emotions and she doesn't want to deal with it. I love my freedom, but he wants to keep me on lock down. I wish we get married, I just have to be very humble and patince, cause I go off alot!

Is this another trait of Sagittarius, avoiding emotions because they don't like commitment? Because although you both might actually do it at some point or another, there ARE limits to what is acceptable; and those limits are (or should be) pretty much standard across the spectrum of healthy relationships. ALOT, things gotta go my way and he feels like things gotta go his, so it hard! Hi, having read all the above and all the various mixed views regarding these incompatible star signs including the your ages I am inclined to agree and disagree with some of them.

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“But, at the same time, he taught me that, instead of being restrictive, understanding how to play the verse gives up the meaning.

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